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How to Order

Below are instructions on how to measure and select the correct size luxury table cloth for your table, and what steps to take to place an order. You are also welcome to click here to email us or call us on 647-638-7843 for further information.


Step 1


Once you have browsed our range of table cloths, visit our Size Calculator to determine which tablecloth size to order. (You can also go straight there before browsing our product range).

Step 2

Select the measurement unit you used to measure the cloth (cm or inches), then enter the length and width of your table in the spaces provided.

Step 3

Click Calculate and our system will tell you what size range to select when ordering. Scroll down if necessary to see the result.

Step 4

Navigate to the range you want to buy and use the “Width” button and “Length” drop down to select the size you would like to order. 

Step 5

Click the plus (+) button to add your cloth to your cart. Please re-enter your table dimensions on the cart before checking out.

How to measure your table

Step 1

Using a tape measure, measure the surface length of your table from one end to the other and then measure the surface width of your table from one side to the other and record both dimensions.

Step 2

Once you have measured your table, enter the dimensions into our Table Cloth Size Calculator to determine the size table cloth you should order.


CLICK HERE to calculate the size of table cloth you should order.